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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


M.Á.S.T. Market and Public Opinion Poll Company operates in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

With the utilization of a system of quality assurance, our goal is to fully satisfy our Client’s needs as well as to outperform the anticipations of our service quality.

Seeing as the quality of services in the field of market and public opinion research cannot be judged solely on the quality of the final study report, M.Á.S.T. prides itself on methodological dependability. In assuring such dependability, prior to each research we devise a method of quality assurance, which upon request can be reviewed by the Client. This plan of quality assurance extends to the task at hand, the responsible persons, the participants, documentation of activities, verification and traceability, as well as data protection.

In the course of our research we make great effort to guarantee the integrity of our findings. Our system of assurance extends to the following fields:

  • Data registration
  • Data recording, processing
  • Research reports
  • Methodological standards and deadlines

The system of quality assurance includes the confidential management of databases and privileged information as outlined by appropriate laws and regulations. We guarantee the privacy of any and all data in the course of our study to the Client.