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Omnibus research

Omnibus research


M.Á.S.T. Market and Public Opinion Poll Company continuously runs personal interview based, nationally representative omnibus studies. Characteristic of these omnibus studies is that the questions of multiple Clients and topics are presented on one structured questionnaire. The omnibus thus provides a rapid, low cost solution of the consumer habits, attitudes, system of values, and concrete opinions on these topics. Pursuant to the research, the Client is provided with a cleaned database, spreadsheets of the data, and a brief summary of the research findings. These findings will be presented 10-14 days following the recording of the data.

Sample: (nationally representative)



Sample size (persons)


Population (year)


Level of confidence (%)


P/Q ratio (%)


Sampling error (%)



Sampling method: two-step, stratified sample, random

Data collection: Face to face interview at the residence of the interviewer

Complimentary demographic, social and location variables:

  • Gender,
  • Age,
  • Marital status,
  • Level of schooling,
  • Occupation,
  • Number of household members,
  • Per capita net income of household,
  • Social position of the household,
  • Type of settlement,
  • Region.


Should you have any further questions regarding the omnibus research, please contact dr. Ács Ferenc (mobile no: +36 30 9608 507) who will be glad to answer any and all of Your questions.