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Products and services custom developed especially for the health care sector are the following:

Medical Representative Monitoring (MRM)

The MRM system continuously monitors and tests the operation of the Client’s and the competitors medical representative systems. Further it collects objective data about the effectiveness and approval of the system.

Patient Flow Analysys (PFA)

The PFA measures a therapeutic and medical requisition characteristics of doctors in a given period. This provides data flow and numeric representation of the treatment and therapeutic systems. Additionally, it reveals the frequency that doctors prescribe ethical and OTC medications as well as other therapies.

Mystery Shopping (MS)

In the current ever-changing market, pharmacists and drug store references can play a detrimental role. For medication available
without prescriptions, mystery shopping can provide vital information. The pharmacy store exercise is an active observation process, where the undercover shopper – interviewer – performs a given set of inquiries yielding quantifiable results. Following the mystery shopping the interviewer completes a report comprising of open and closed ended questions, which are used to gauge experiences.

Research Aid (RA)

Our researchers are well versed in providing assistance in the implementation of clinical and other types of studies. Specifically they can aid drug manufacturers and distributors in the structuring of questionnaires, forms, recording information, statistical processing and analysis of recorded information.