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Consumer good production and trade

Consumer good production and trade


In coping with everyday challenges of the market, precise knowledge of the market and the consumers are becoming increasingly important to manufacturers, distributors and retailers of consumer goods. Accordingly, one of our company’s prime research areas is the study of the consumer goods market (fast moving consumer goods and durable goods).

In the field of consumer goods research, M.Á.S.T. offers a wide range of marketing services as well as a palette of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Qualitative studies allow gauging and comprehending consumer habits, attitudes, reactions and motivations.

Typical areas of quantitative research include:

  • Analysis of consumer habits
  • Target market studies
  • Examination of competition, prices
  • Product testing (concept, flavor, scent, price, packaging testing)
  • Image analysis (company, product, brand)
  • Brand positioning analyses
  • Preliminary and follow-up testing of effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns
  • business-to-business studies
  • mystery shopping.