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This type of research has over the years become a necessary supplement for the advertising campaigns of newly introduced or repositioned brands and products. This field of research comprises of nine areas, each of which is closely tied into the other:

  • Concept and product development research
  • Strategic research
  • Consumer/buyer studies
  • Preliminary advertisement content research
  • Later-stage advertisement content research
  • Tracking research (measuring efficacy of advertisement)

    • Satisfaction index
    • Gauging degree and reasons of dissatisfaction
    • Special factors
  • Indices relating to effectiveness of advertisement

    • Net reach
    • Gross Rating Points
    • Average frequency of contact (Opportunity To See, OTS)
    • Distribution of frequency of contact (Reach and Frequency)
    • Affinity index
  • Indices relating to operational efficiency

    • Cost per thousand persons reached (Cost Per Mille)
    • Cost of one GRP point
  • Media studies